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Sewer Plan (Mains Pipe) Victoria

Need to know where to connect your sewer pipes? This report will tell you!

A Sewer Layout Plan will help you to locate existing sewer pipes and connection points for your new build.

Are you planning a development? Then you’ll need this detailed plan. The important information in this report may impact your construction, including the size, offset and depth of sewer pipes.

PSI Global can help you quickly and easily apply for and gain access to an official Sewer Layout Plan in Victoria through our online portal.

Sewer Layout Plan Victoria

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What is a Sewer Layout Plan?

A Sewer Layout Plan is an official document issued by the water corporation. It contains a map of sewage pipes on your property, showing you where pipes run.

The report includes asset details such as pipe material and depth to help inform your construction and ensure you work safely around existing sewer pipes.

What insight does a Sewer Layout Plan provide?

The information in this report may include:

Existing sewer mains Access pit number Offset distance Manholes End of pipe Pipe material Pipe size Average depth Branch length, depth, and offset

Who might need it?

If you are in the early stages of planning for and designing a new build or alteration, you may need a Sewer Layout Plan.

The Sewer Layout Plan will help inform pipeline and excavation choices, and allow you to make safe, informed, and compliant decisions.

Why choose PSI Global for Sewer Layout Plans?

With just one online account, you can obtain a Sewer Layout Plan and a range of other Land and Property Information Certificates through PSI Global.

We allow you to quickly and easily access reports without having to chase up councils and private companies.

PSI Global also vets each and every report we receive, ensuring it is accurate and contains all the information you need.

If anything is missing we’ll request it up for you, saving you the hassle!

Need a Sewer Layout Plan?

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