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Building 51 (2) Property Information Report

Find out if your property is flood prone, termite prone and more

Do you need official information on whether your property is flood prone, subject to inundation, termite prone or in an alpine area?

A Building 51 (2) Certificate, also known as a Property Information Certificate, can provide a range of regulated property details under section 51 (2) of the Building Regulations.

It may help you identify further reports you require and changes you need to make to your building plans.

PSI Global can help you easily access a Building 51 (2) Property Information Certificate through our online portal today.

Property Report Vic: What is Building 51(2)?

A Building 51 (2), or Property Information Certificate, is an official document issued by local council detailing building information and Property Information.

Signed by the municipal building surveyor, in accordance with section 51 (2) of the Building Regulations, the certificate will advise with a yes or no answer whether your property is subject to alpine snowfall, floods and more.

It may help inform your renovation or new build requirements and ensure you comply with council requirements.

What insight does Building 51 (2) Property Information provide?

The details on this certificate may include:

Whether your property is in a flood prone area

Whether your property is in a termite prone area

Whether your property is in an Alpine Snowfall prone area

Uncontrolled overland drainage that may affect your property

Whether an infrastructure levy is applicable, and if so the amount

Who might need it?

A Building 51 (2) Property Information Report provides essential details for builders and renovators.

If you are planning to renovate an existing home or build on an empty property, the certificate will provide important information that may impact your construction work.

Why choose PSI Global for Building 51 (2) reports?

PSI Global can help you quickly and easily access Building 51 (2) information and provide you with an official council issued certificate.

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Need Building 51 (2) Property Information?

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