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Planning Advice Victoria

Get the right information and advice to ensure you comply with council planning schemes

Unsure if your building plans comply with council requirements?

We can help make sure your building follows council planning schemes as well as any other provisions relating to zoning, overlays, state or local frameworks.

Planning Information Advice is an important step in your construction planning and may inform further certificates or approval you need to obtain.

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What is Planning Information Advice?

Planning Information Advice is an official certificate outlining the planning controls that apply to your property.

This includes assessment of your proposed development and any further approvals you may need to seek.

The details of this council-issued certificate may impact what you can build in your area so it is important to read over it carefully.

What insight does Planning Information Advice provide?

The information in this certificate may include:

Whether your proposed development requires a Planning Permit Whether a Planning Permit has been issued for the proposal, and if so the Planning Permit number Any applicable vegetation or tree removal controls Additional comments from the Manager of Development Assessment

Who might need it?

Anyone planning a new build or renovations in Victoria will need to ensure they comply with council planning schemes and overlays, the Planning Information Advice will assist you in determining if you comply.

If you are unsure whether your proposed development requires a Planning Permit, this council-issued advice will let you know.

Why choose PSI Global for Planning Information Advice?

PSI Global can help you quickly and easily access Planning Information Advice and provide you with an official council-issued certificate.

Save time and money by using our online portal to apply for, collect and collate Property Information and search for Land Titles in Victoria.

If you have a PSI account, we’ll simplify the process even further with just one invoice and one purchase order number for all of your Land and Property Information.

We also aim for complete customer satisfaction and check through all certificates and information to ensure their accuracy.

Need Planning Information Advice?

PSI Global can help you obtain your building Planning Information Advice certificate, as well as a range of other important property certificates in just a few clicks.

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