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Frequently Asked Questions

Orders and Payments

We rely on third parties (such as government departments and statutory authorities) to provide us with the property information we deliver to you and each set their own turnaround time. The expected delivery times set out in the order summary are the times by which we expect to obtain the property information from the relevant third party.

See here for a list of the expected turnaround times set by third parties.

No. We are dedicated to getting the property information you order to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you click the Place Order button, our computer system automatically generates a request to the relevant third party (such as a government department and statutory authority).

No refund will be provided by us for any reason, including for change of mind. However, if the property information you ordered is not available from the relevant third party, we make a full refund to the credit card you supplied to us when you placed your order. If you believe there has been an error in debiting your credit card, please call 03 8527 6300 or email us at accounts@psiglobal.com.au.

We deliver the property information you ordered to the email address(es) you supplied to us. You may also access the property information you ordered by clicking the ?View Order? button or by clicking the link in the email sent to you confirming payment.

If we send you property information which is wrong, inaccurate or corrupted, then we will resupply the property information to you without any further charge unless the property information was wrong or inaccurate due to incomplete or inaccurate information supplied by you.

Expected delivery times may be exceeded by third parties in busy times or in special circumstances. Where an expected delivery time is exceeded, we use our excellent business relationships to follow up with them to ensure your order is processed as quickly as possible. We keep you informed of the updated expected delivery time by emailing you and updating your order.

If your payment was successful, then we received your order. When you place your order, we immediately confirm whether your payment was successful. We also send an email to you confirming payment.

We are here to get your property information as fast as possible. If you require property information urgently, please call us on 03 8527 6300 or email us at propertyinfo@psiglobal.com.au and we will try to fast-track your order. Additional charges may apply.

Unlike our competitors, we itemise our service charge(s). The total amount you will have to pay for each request for property information is the sum of the service charge charged by the relevant third party and our service charge (?item charge?). The total amount you will have to pay for your order is the sum of the item charge(s) and any applicable GST.

Property Information

When you order a Title, we will deliver to you the following set of documents:

  1. Certificate of title
  2. Plan of subdivision
  3. MCP(s)
  4. Building envelope(s)

If you are not sure what any of these terms mean, see glossary.

We are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. If you are having difficulties in placing an order or are not happy with our service, please call 03 8527 6300, email us at propertyinfo@psiglobal.com.au or click the ?View Order? button and send us a message. If you want to see us in person ? to answer any questions you have or to show you how our computer system works ? we will come to you.

Yes, if you order a Building 51(2). If your property is in a flood prone area, you may want or need a flood certificate or velocity flow rate report. You will have to make a further request in this order for either or both of these documents.

Yes, if you order a legal point of discharge report (LPD), we will try getting the size, depth and offset of any pipes on your property, where available from the LGA. Sometimes the LPD provides information on other pipes affecting your property, but sometimes it doesn’t. PSI Global can get these extra pipe details if requested by you. If you need more information regarding this, please call on (03) 8527 6300

Yes, if you order a bushfire search. If your property is in a bushfire prone area, you may want or need a bushfire report. This will tell you the BAL level. You will need to make a further request in your order for this document.

Yes, if you order a sewer plan. The sewer plan provides information on the size, depth and offset of the sewer pipes affecting your property. If you want information on the size, depth and offset of internal pipes affecting your property, you will have to order a property sewer plan.

We will only ask you to upload documents if they are necessary to obtain the property information you ordered from us. Some Local Government Authorities require more supporting documents than others to get property Information.

My Account

On the home screen after logging in you can update your delivery details, where you would like the information sent back to. You can update your personal details under my details and change your password as well.

If you would like the property information you ordered to go to someone other than yourself, such as your architect, draftsperson or building surveyor, you can nominate their email address as the delivery email address and we will send the property information to that email address. You can nominate more than one email address. You can change your delivery email address at any time before the property information is sent to you by logging into your account, clicking the ?In Progress? button, clicking the ?View?button and changing the nominated delivery address. If you do not nominate a delivery email address, we will deliver the property information you ordered to the email address you supplied to us in the Customer Information section of your account.