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Property Sewerage Plan (Internal Pipes)

The Sewer Plan and Asset Plan show you where the mains are located around your property however where do the pipes run from there?

The property sewerage plan provides a map of the internal sewer pipes from the main to each of the existing connections to the Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry, etc.

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What is a Property Sewerage Plan?

Property Sewerage Plan (PSP) is an official document issued either directly by the water corporation or by a third party on the water authorities’ behalf. It contains a sketch of the sewer network below ground within the property.

As this is the network of connections is from the main to a connection point in a dwelling this will only be available for properties that have or have had a dwelling on them.

If you are looking at a vacant lot that has not had any construction on it there will be no PSP available for you.

What insight does a Property Sewerage Plan provide?

The details on this report may include:

Existing sewer network internal to your property Connection points for your plumbing Locations of inspection openings, vents, traps and mores

Who will need this?

If you are looking to renovate, develop, or knock down and re-build this information will assist you as you will know where the existing connections are.

Even if you are just looking to have some plumbing work done this document could save you a lot of time and money in trying to guess where the pipes are currently located.

The Property Sewerage Plan will help inform pipeline and excavation choices, and allow you to make safe, informed, and compliant decisions.

Why choose PSI Global for Property Sewerage Plans?

PSI Global knows who to order the PSP with either directly through the water authority or a 3rd party. This saves you time and research on finding who and how to apply.

We check the documentation and ensure it is correct and will follow up with the authorities if we do not receive it within the designated timeline (each authority is different).

Need a Property Sewerage Plan?

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