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Bushfire Search

A bushfire search will provide you a report stating if your property is in a bushfire prone area or not.

Depending on whether it is or not will affect the requirements of your project.

Bushfire Search

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What insight does a Bushfire Search provide?

The details on this certificate may include:

Your property details including Lot, Plan & Address Confirmation in writing whether the property is or is not in a bushfire-prone area. Mapping of your property with the bushfire prone area overlay The date in which the bushfire mapping was completed.

Who might need it?

Anyone looking to build, renovate, develop, or purchase property will find this information useful.

The sooner you obtain this information into a build the better. If you find you are in a bushfire prone area there are many more aspects of the build you will need to consider including materials, access, where on your property you can build and cost.

If you do find yourself in a bushfire prone area you will need to obtain a BAL rating which will analyse the severity of the risk.

Why choose PSI Global for Bushfire Search?

PSI Global can help you quickly and easily obtain a Bushfire Search through our online portal.

The Bushfire Search is an automated process so you may have the results at your fingers within minutes of ordering.

Additionally, the bushfire prone areas do change semi-regularly, a few times a year, so if you order through PSI and within 3 months of placing your order your property changes from bushfire-prone to not bushfire-prone we will provide a new bushfire search free of charge.

Need a Bushfire Search?

Obtain your Bushfire Search, as well as a range of other important property certificates through PSI Global in just a few simple steps.

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