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Who is PSI Global for?

We help a range of small and large scale builders obtain the Property Information, Land data, certificates and reports they require.

Whether you’re a homeowner beginning small renovations on your own property, or a commercial builder undertaking multiple large projects throughout the year, our online portal is simple, efficient and user-friendly.

PSI Global provides convenient Property Information and Land Title services to ensure you are informed and can make safe decisions during your building process.

Unsure if we can help you? Get in touch with the friendly PSI Global team for a no-obligations chat! Tell us about your needs and we can walk you through your options.

Land and Property Information for domestic owner-builders

If you’re a homeowner looking to start major or minor renovations on your property, we can help you easily order and obtain the documents you need.

This may include important official reports, such as a Sewage Report, a Dial Before You Dig Report or a Bushfire Attack Level Report. Certain reports are council-issued and signed.

These documents will help ensure that, as a home renovator, you have all the knowledge you need to undertake safe construction, such as how to avoid damaging existing pipes or cables when digging.

Whether there’s just one report you’re looking for, or you need to source multiple reports for larger scale modifications, PSI Global can save you time and hassle. Select our pay-as-you-go account and only pay for what you need.

Before returning Property Information or Land Title Certificates to you, PSI Global checks through all documents to ensure they are complete; if anything is missing we’ll chase it up for you!

This means homeowners like you can be confident that you have all the information you need, even if you aren't familiar with these reports.

Simply enter your address and select the reports you require in order to start the easy PSI Global process today.

Don’t quite know what you’re looking for? Give us a call today on (03) 8527 6300 or fill in our contact form.

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Land and Property Information for volume builders

If you’re a property developer or high volume residential builder, PSI Global can help obtain the documents you need to ensure your projects run smoothly and safely.

When you have multiple jobs going on at once, or are undertaking major construction which requires several reports, requesting each individual report can be tedious and time consuming.

We can improve the efficiency of your building process by collating and delivering all your Property Information Certificates and Land Titles through our online portal. No more chasing up council offices and private assessment companies.

We have an account option which provides you with simple fortnightly invoices to be paid online. Our Company Accounts are ideal for those who will be requesting more than 20 jobs per year.

Capitalise on our industry connections and spend your time doing what you do best!

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Land and Property Information for architects and building surveyors

PSI Global works with building surveyors, architects and draftspeople to ensure you have the documents you need for efficient designing and planning.

With one simple online account we can help you access a range of Property Information and Land Titles to make sure your jobs run smoothly. This includes Energy Reports, Soil Reports and Dial Before You Dig Reports, issued by both local councils and private assessment companies.

Our Company Account option allows those with an ABN to pay fortnightly online.

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How PSI Global works

We have two different sign up options, based on how often you’ll need to order property or Land Title information. Both are simple and cost-effective, giving you access to the PSI Global portal.

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Not sure which is right for you?

Get in touch with us by filling in our contact form or giving us a call. Tell us a little about your needs and your project, and we’ll help you determine which option is right for you.