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We specialise in gathering property services information and land title reports

Why choose PSI Global for your Land and Property Information.

PSI source all different types of property information for our customers that frankly have better things to do with their time.

Whether you're a property business or you just need information for a permit let our team help you!

Save money and reduce overhead costs

by letting us do the tedious work of sourcing all the property reports for you, so you can focus on the work you do best.

Keep your staff happy

by letting them focus on work that engages them, so they don't have to wade through mounds of bureaucratic red tape.

Save time

by getting us to do all the follow up with councils and authorities, making sure you get your information fast so you can get started sooner.

Get reliable, high quality information

and feel confident that any errors and potential issues that may hold up the building process will be flagged early on.

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We have the technology and relationships to make the property information search faster

PSI Global started over 16 years ago to simplify the process of getting property information and to speed up the overall building process. We were the first in the market.

We started small but we've continued to evolve, grow and innovate in a high-functioning team. Because of our years in the industry and the efficiency of our systems, we're continually striving to provide best-in-class service to you and your customers.

How it works

We work with you to create and share in a positive experience

We've built direct connections to authorities and key service providers

Pretty impressive right? We think so. Our software automatically checks if your document has been released muiltiple times a day.

Our great relationships help you get information faster

We deal in high volumes meaning we're a high value client for councils and authorities. We regularly meet with council and authorities to try find ways to improve speed of information.

We're one-stop for all of your property information needs

We know what information you need and where to find it. We gather it for you in much less time that it would take you and on-top of that we pre-vet it.

We get you

Whether you're a builder, a surveyor or an architect or maybe you're building your own home - we understand the types of information you'll need.

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Working with PSI means working with a pretty awesome team

We don't mean to sound corny, but we love what we do because we get to work with great clients and within a supportive team.

Honesty and transparency from the start is key to our service delivery. Lets be honest, sometimes councils are delayed or things just don't go as planned. We pro-actively communicate with you and do our best to get things back on track.

We work with Integrity and treat others with respect. To ensure we're constantly improving we welcome constructive feedback so we can be better professionally and personally.

PSI is a Family, we value our diverse team and their personal contribution to making PSI special. We encourage a healthy work life balance and believe in celebrating professional and personal achievements.

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