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Soil Report Victoria

Ensure safety for your new build and understand the condition of your soil with a Soil Report

A Soil Report is prepared by a geotechnical engineer or civil engineer to assess and report on the condition of the earth at your building site.

Long before your build begins (and even before your designs are finalised), you may need to obtain a Soil Report to determine the condition of your land.

The findings in a Soil Report may impact the safety requirements of your build and help you ensure your building will be safe and stable.

If you have a PSI Company Account, you can use the PSI Global portal to request your Soil Report from a certified assessor.

If you already have a preferred soil report provider, PSI Global can liaise with them on your behalf.

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What is a Soil Report?

A Soil Report is an official document issued by independent geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists which assesses the properties of your soil.

They will bore into the soil and undertake several tests in order to classify the soil on your property.

Based on their findings of soil type and slope of the land, the assessors may make recommendations for your construction.

A Soil Report will also indicate how reactive soil on the site is, and therefore how likely it is to move, expand, and contract over time.

Soil’s reactivity is usually classed by grades, such as Class A, which indicates a stable and non-reactive land, through to Class E (‘extreme’ ground movement) and Class P (‘problem’ sites).

What insight does a Soil Report provide?

The information the geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists may outline in their report includes:

Site classification Soil types present Wind rating Founding recommendations Allowable bearing pressures Construction techniques and difficulties Bushfire attack level Report limitations

The findings will determine how your new build will have to be constructed, and will also uncover if there are any chemical or physical conditions that might cause damage to your build in the future.

Who might need it?

If you are beginning a new build on a property that was previously empty, or had an existing structure on it, you may need a soil report.

If you are concerned about the soil quality or slope of your land this report will provide you with detailed information and recommendations for building.

Why choose PSI Global for Soil Reports?

PSI Global can order a Soil Report from qualified geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists, or liase with your chosen Soil Report providers on your behalf.

With our online portal you can quickly and easily order Soil Reports and a range of other Property Information documents.

With a strong focus on complete customer satisfaction and accuracy, PSI Global will vet every report before handing it over to you.

Need more information? We’ll request it for you, and handle the entire process. That means you won’t have to waste time chasing up multiple contacts!

Need a Soil Report?

Request your Soil Report, and a range of other important Land and Property Information Certificates through the PSI Global portal now.

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