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Dial Before You Dig Victoria

Ensure you don’t disrupt existing pipes and cable networks before you dig!

Excavating or digging on your property?

We can obtain a Dial Before You Dig report to make sure you don’t damage gas pipes, electrical wires, and phone cables on your private property and connecting public land.

Obtaining a Dial Before You Dig document through PSI Global is a quick and simple process which will ensure you have the information to safely excavate the area.

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What is a Dial Before You Dig report?

Dial Before You Dig is a comprehensive outline of a range of underground utilities that you need to be aware of when digging, excavating, or otherwise disrupting land.

It will help you make informed and safe decisions about the digging and excavation of your land.

It includes official statements as well as relevant plans and diagrams of pipelines and cables running through your property.

Dial Before You Dig also provides homeowners with important information required before starting DIY projects including new fencing, driveways, and even mailbox installation.

What insight does Dial Before You Dig provide?

The certificate may include comprehensive information on the following:

Contact information incase of pipeline disruption or emergency Danger warnings relevant to your excavation or digging The location of gas assets Fire hydrant, pipe, footpath and kerb information Underground electricity assets Digging exclusion zones for safety around electrical assets Information on public lighting that runs underground Phone line information issued by the telecommunications provider Underground NBN cables

Who might need it?

If you’re digging or excavating on a property which has or had a previously existing dwelling, you will need to obtain a Dial Before You Dig report to ensure you do so in a safe manner. Vacant sites can still have underground assets.

If you are unsure where existing pipes and electrical wires are on your property, this report will give a detailed outline of their location.

For the safety of your builders, it is highly important to obtain a Dial Before You Dig report before beginning any significant soil disturbance.

Why choose PSI Global for your Dial Before You Dig report?

We can save you time and money by using our online portal to apply for, collect and collate Dial Before You Dig and other Property Information reports.This means you need just one invoice and account for all of your Property Information needs.

The PSI Global certificate ordering process is quick and easy, providing you with official council issued certificates.

We also check through all certificates to make sure they’re accurate. If more information is needed, we’ll order the information for you so none of your time is lost.

We aim for complete customer satisfaction and look forward to helping you ensure your next project runs smoothly.

Need a Dial Before You Dig report?

We can help you order your Dial Before You Dig report, as well as a range of other important Land and Property Information through the PSI Global online portal.

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