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All-in-one Land and Property Information

Choose PSI Global’s one-stop-shop for all of your Property information and Land Title needs!

Introduce your team to PSI Global... and never look back!

Our all-in-one Land and Property Information platform is ideal for builders, architects, and building surveyors working anywhere throughout Victoria.

During a single transaction, you can order everything you need. We’ll then chase and vet the requested information for you, ensuring you receive accurate documentation and information in the fastest possible time.

And if you have a PSI Company Account, we don’t bill you until the job is complete. Only when you receive your information will you receive your invoice, too.

Why choose PSI?

PSI Global simplifies the process of gathering property services and Land Title information.

Every day, we get to work with great clients surrounded by a supportive, positive team.

Our vast experience and relationships with industry resources allows us to provide best-in-class service to our valued clients.

Over 12 years experience

Our talented team boasts more than 12 years’ combined experience, and were the first on the market with the aim to streamline the Property Information process.

Competitive pricing

Our transparent, honest and clear pricing structure means getting the information you need is no longer a confusing or time-consuming process.

100% client satisfaction

Our aim is to deliver 100% client satisfaction, whether you require a one-off report, or dozens a year. Our streamlined process takes the headache out of sourcing Property Information or Land Titles.

We do it all for you

Let us do the heavy lifting for you! Tell us what you need and we’ll liaise with all relevant parties, sending you a single package containing all required information.

Simple and fast solutions

PSI Global’s goal from day one has been to simplify the process of getting relevant Land and Property Information which in turn helps to speed up the building process.

Save time and effort

Work smarter, not harder: take the monotonous task of sourcing Property Information off your team’s hands so they can focus their time on building relationships with clients.

Property Information Victoria

From Building Regulation 51 (2) Property Information to Flood Certificates and Sewer Plans, you can access and order all required documentation and information in minutes, thanks to PSI Global.

Simply enter any address in Victoria to see in an instant all the Land and Property Information available for that lot. Pick and choose your requirements, and then sit back as we take care of the tedious sourcing process.

We’ll collate all your requested information into a tidy package, and send it to you via email.

Work more efficiently, improve internal processes, and be confident in the documentation you’re receiving with PSI Global’s expert Property Information and Land Title services.

Explore Property Information at your Victorian address

Land Titles Victoria

The Torrens Title System shows the current ownership and any interest on a piece of land, and contains all the information about the land.

When you search for an address, you’ll be able to instantly see whether the title is available yet for that piece of land. If it is, you can order it straight away, and it’s usually delivered to your inbox in less than a day!

If it’s not, our system will automatically keep checking for it, until it does become available, at which point we’ll fetch it and email it straight to you.

Discover if your address has a Land Title available right now.

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