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LPD (Legal Point Of Discharge) Victoria

Stormwater information required for building

Also known as Regulation 610, LPOD or LPD, a Legal Point of Discharge certificate shows the point where stormwater discharges from a property into a council-managed drain, as well as the location of any pipes on the property.

This is an important document for anyone beginning a new build or alternation and may help in the planning process.

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What is Stormwater Legal Point of Discharge?

Signed on behalf of Manager of Engineering and Transport, this certificate includes stormwater infrastructure details that a builder must factor into their construction.

It is an official document and may contain council plans for your property and surrounding area.

The document will provide the point on site that the storm water needs to be discharged to.

What insight does Legal Point of Discharge provide?

A Legal Point of Discharge certificate may include additional information on the stormwater pipe/s including:

Location Pipe size Pipe depth Pipe offset measurements Pipe type

Who might need it?

Anyone who is building or renovating needs a Legal Point of Discharge certificate.

If you’re unsure about the location of the stormwater infrastructure on your property, or the pipe depth and size, this report will prove useful information.

A Legal Point of Discharge certificate will be essential in planning your stormwater and drainage points.

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