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Streamline your search: order all of your Victorian Land Titles online with PSI Global

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Get titles straight to your inbox in minutes with electronic Certificates of Title Quick and simple search to immediately see if your lot is titled Our Account clients can even pre-order titles for lots that are not registered yet!

Whether you’re a company that has a regular need for Land Titles or you need a one-off Land Title in Victoria, you can easily search for your title with PSI Global.

Our Land Title search is quick and easy to use and you can see straight away if your lot is titled. If your title isn’t registered yet you can still order, and we'll send the Land Title as soon as it becomes available.

Make the switch to a Land Title provider that's fast, accurate, and friendly

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Make the switch to a Land Title provider that's fast, accurate, and friendly

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A sticking point with our clients has always been Land Titles, because you can’t do much with any property in Victoria if you don’t have a copy of the Land Title!

Whether you’re buying, selling, building, or refinancing - at some point a Land Title is involved.

We’ve made it as quick as possible to access Land Titles, even on new subdivisions, and are constantly innovating to get faster.

Our Application Programming Interface (API) works in real-time so as soon as the title is available from land registry, you’ll receive it.

This saves time re-checking for titles for your administration team and ensures you get the title as soon as possible!

Why Choose PSI Global for your Land and Property Title search?

Let us do the hard work - all you need to do is apply for a Land Title, and we’ll take care of the rest, sending it to you electronically in a simple, organised package.

If your lot isn’t yet titled, our automated system will fetch it and email it to you as soon as it becomes available! Applying for the Land Title early is easy.

We'll keep checking for the land release, meaning it's off your plate until the land is available.

We promise to deliver:

Fast, quick, and secure Land Title information sourcing services
Affordable solutions for one-off and recurring requirements
Prompt solutions and customer support whenever you need it
Transparent, simple pricing and invoicing structure
Land Title Importance

Importance of Land Titles Victoria

As a legal requirement, all land must be registered with Land Use Victoria (previously the Titles Office).

Titles are used widely in the property industry as any parties dealing with land and property will likely need a Land Title. This includes building surveyors, builders, architects, conveyancers, brokers, lawyers and more.

The title is a record of interests and rights affecting the parcel of land including covenants and caveats.

3.4 million titles are currently registered online in Victoria… with more being added every day.

PSI Global are Landata brokers - so having these available online allows us to quickly and securely deliver your Certificate of Title.

Sometimes your Land Title isn’t available yet, but if your company has an invoice account with us, you can still lodge the job. We may be able to obtain some of your Property Information without the Title and once released we will send the title and any remaining information.

Get Alerts

Get alerts on new subdivisions with Statement of Compliance

Land Title not released yet? No problems! Register the address for a Statement of Compliance with PSI Global.

Land Titles can take months or years to be issued once the lot is sold, which makes it hard to plan for site start.

With a Statement of Compliance, you will be notified when the land is closer to being titled (approximately 14 days) via email.

Statements of Compliance are issued by the Local Government Authority once the developer has satisfied all of the requirements. The moment this is sent to Land Use Victoria, we will notify you.