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Environment Protection Authority Report

A priority site is a site that the EPA has issued with a pollution abatement or clean-up notice. When this occurs the property is added to the Priority Sites Register.

The contamination of a site on the property sites register could pose a risk to human health or the environment. The site is no longer fit for the intended use without action eg. clean up, monitoring, site controls.

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What insight does an Environmental Protection Authority Certificate provide?

This report may include:

This report will confirm if the subject property is listed on the Priority Sites Register on the date of application. It may also provide advice on whether it is in the vicinity of a site that is on the register.

Who will need this?

If you are looking to purchase land you should be aware of this as it is the purchaser's responsibility to check the condition of the land.

If you are looking to build or develop on a derelict site this information could be useful.

Why choose PSI Global for Environmental Protection Authority Certificate?

As a Landata broker PSI Global can order this certificate directly with Landata using an automated system so you will have your certificate back as quickly as possible.

We will ensure the information provided is correct before completing and sending it to you.

Need an Environmental Protection Authority Certificate?

Obtain your Environmental Protection Authority Certificate as well as a range of other important property certificates through PSI Global in just a few simple steps.

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