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Land and Property Information Victoria

Property services information packages are our specialty!

Whether you’re a property developer, residential volume builder, owner-builder, architect, building surveyor, or draftsperson, PSI Global will take the hassle out of finding land and property information in Victoria!

What land data and property information can I order?

You can order all of this property information in one application, and it'll only take you a few minutes!

Building 51 (2)

Otherwise known as ‘Building/Property Information’, you’ll need to get this regulated certificate to show if your property is flood prone, subject to inundation, termite prone or in an alpine area.

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Legal Point of Discharge

Also known as Building Regulation 133 Stormwater, LPOD or LPD, this shows the point where stormwater runoff from a roof will end up and shows the location of any pipes on the property. The builder must factor this into the build.

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Planning Information Advice

We’ll inform you if you need any planning permits for a new build from your council. We can help make sure your building complies with council planning schemes, as well as any other provisions relating to zoning, overlays, state or local frameworks.

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Dial Before You Dig

This is a service that lets you know where all the pipes and cable networks are for your property, so you don’t disrupt them when you excavate the area. You’d generally only use this service for knock-down rebuild projects, where there was a property previously at the location.

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Soil Report

Geotechnical Engineers and Engineering Geologists test the soil to make sure it’s able to hold a building. They also assess it for any other factors which may affect the safety of a build including ground slope. If you have a soil report provider you currently use, we can liaise with them on your behalf.

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Flood Certificate

If your property is in a flood-prone area you may need a flood certificate that states the level of risk to your property and any specific requirements needed to make sure the property is safe.

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Energy Report

Energy Ratings Reports measures the energy efficiency of a house by allocating a point score for various design features (such as building fabric, window design, insulation, orientation and other features) and provides an overall rating.

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Sewer Plan

This is a detailed plan showing the size, depth and offset of any sewer pipes on your property. It also shows where you need to connect to the sewer pipe.

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Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) report

If your property is in a bushfire prone area this report determines the specific level of threat for your property. The report will say whether your property is low, medium or high risk and what the requirements are to keep it safe.

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