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One application to order all of your property information.
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Stop hunting around for your property information

Save time and money by using our online portal to apply for, collect and collate property reports and search for land title in Victoria.

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Save Time

Capitalise on our technology and strong industry relationships and get your property and title information in the fastest possible time.

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Save money

We do the drudge work so you don’t have to hire additional staff or pull your staff away from your key business.

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One Invoice

An account with PSI means one invoice and one purchase order number for all of your property information. No cheques or messy application forms.

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Pre-vetted information

We get the information and check through it to make sure it’s 100% accurate. If more information is needed, we’ll order the information for you so no time is lost.

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Proactive communication

We check to see if there are any factors that may affect the timeline or cost of your build and notify you immediately.

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Online Portal

Fast, easy access to your information anywhere and on any device through our user-friendly portal.

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One location for all of your property information

There is no stress trying to locate Property Information. In one simple step we start looking for you and put all your Property Information in a neat package.

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We help our clients complete 16,000 jobs per year

Check out our amazing clients that save time, money and headaches using PSI Global.

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