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Memorandum of Common Provisions

The Memorandum of Common Provisions contains provisions that affect burdened land.

The MCP will have listed provisions and restriction details that affect the way you build and use your property.

The MCP is commonly referenced within the Copy of Plan and/or Transfer of Land (Instrument) but does not affect all parcels of land.

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How to find out if your property is burdened by an MCP?

To find out if your land is burdened by an MCP you will need to obtain the Copy of Plan and/or Transfer of Land and then be on the lookout for a code beginning with AA and then 4 digits, example AA1234, this is the MCP code which is required to order the MCP. To save you the headache of searching through all of the pages yourself, just send the PSI team a message and we can do this for you and will let you know if we find one.

Who will need this?

Anyone looking to build, renovate or extend their property will need a copy of the MCP to obtain a building permit to make sure the work meets the restrictions within it. Additionally any home owner/purchaser who wants to have a fuller understanding of their property and restrictions that will affect them and for how long the restrictions will be in place.

Why choose PSI for MCP?

If you order the Copy of Plan and Instruments via PSI Global and you want to know if you are burdened by an MCP please just send our friendly team a message once your job is lodged we can do this on your behalf. As we check hundreds of titles we know where to look for MCP’s to save you time searching through the entire document. If we find an MCP that will contact you to let you know, organise payment and then have this added to your existing job to keep all of your documents in the one place on our portal.

Need a Memorandum of Common Provision?

Browse, order, and receive your Copy of Plan and/or Transfer of Land through PSI Global in just a few clicks and let us know to check for the MCP for you.

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