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Site Survey Victoria

Long before your build begins (and even before your designs are finalised), you may need to obtain Feature Survey to see the conditions on site. This information will assist in the design and development of the property.

The findings in a Feature Survey may impact the requirements of your build and help you ensure your building will be safe and stable. An example of this is having to build to a minimum floor level in AHD. (Australian Height Datum)

If you have a PSI Company Account, you can use the PSI Global portal to request your Feature Survey.

If you already have a preferred survey provider, PSI Global can liaise with them on your behalf.

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What is a Feature Survey?

A Feature Survey is an official document that provides mapping of your property with the contours of the land and any significant features.

Using different forms of technology the surveyors provide the most accurate contour levels of your property.

What insight does a Feature Survey provide?

The information that is provided in a Feature Survey may include:

Contours of the land Utility services: Electricity, Sewerage, Water, Gas, Stormwater Retaining walls Fences Trees Details of direct neighbouring properties: Eave height, Ridge height & setbacks Other structures on site Level to AHD (if required)

Who might need it?

If you are beginning a new build on a property, develop land or subdivide a survey is one of the first steps to see any constraints of the property.

Surveys can be used by council, architects and builders.

Depending on what sort of project you are doing will determine the specific type of survey required whether it be Feature Survey, Re-establishment Survey or Neighbourhood Survey.

Why choose PSI Global for Feature Survey?

PSI Global can order a Feature Survey from one of our trusted providers, or liase with your chosen Survey provider on your behalf.

We will do the ordering, communication and follow ups for your Survey so it is one less thing for you to think about.

With our online portal you can quickly and easily order Feature Survey and a range of other Property Information documents.

Need a Feature Survey?

Request your Feature Survey, and a range of other important Land and Property Information Certificates through the PSI Global. Please contact us to discuss setting up a company account.

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