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An Instrument is any transfer, mortgage, caveat, covenant and agreement that is registered to a land title.

Any instrument that affects the parcel of land will be listed on the Registered Search Statement for the property. It will be listed under “Encumbrances, Caveats and Notices” and when ordering on our website any Instrument listed on the title will come up as items you can order in the title section.

Instrument Search

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What is an instrument?

There are many different types of instruments depending on the purpose of the document. Eg. a covenant is a written agreement between the seller and purchaser of a piece of land restricting what the land can be used for. For example, restricting the type of building material the purchaser can use. The number of instruments registered to a title is specific to that property, some properties have none while others have multiple. Each instrument has a unique document identification eg. AB123456N.

Who needs the Instrument Search?

Anyone looking to build, renovate and develop a property will need a copy of the Instruments linked to the property to ensure all restrictions are met. The building surveyor will require some types of Instruments but not all, if you are unsure contact your building surveyor or builder before purchasing.

Need an Instrument Search?

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