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Copy of Plan

See the diagram location of your property.

The registered/certified Copy of Plan provided by the Landata and approved by council.

The Copy of Plan, also known as the Plan on Subdivision (POS) shows the diagram location of your property and all other properties within the same subdivision of land.

Copy of Plan

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What is the Copy of Plan?

The Copy of Plan document will be referenced on the Registered Search Statement as the Diagram location.

This will show you the size, shape and dimensions of your property, existing properties are generally marked out by a fence but are not always clear or correct.

The Copy of Plan may also show easements that are on or around your property which may affect where you are allowed to build or extend.

Some subdivisions have restrictions that need to be met, some of these restrictions are provided on the Copy of Plan and regulate what you can do with the land. The Copy of plan can also refer to restrictions that include a building envelope or MCP that will also need to be met.

What insight will the Copy of Plan provide?

The details on the statement may include:

Local Government Authority Property Boundaries Land Size Easements Restrictions

Who might need a Copy of Plan?

Anyone looking to purchase a property, the Copy of Plan will assist in showing you the exact details of what land you are purchasing and restrictions that come with it.

For anyone building, renovating and developing it is necessary for the building surveyor to have the Copy of Plan as well as for your own insight into the property.

Why Choose PSI for Copy of Plan?

Being a Title Broker allows PSI Global to provide the Copy of Plan immediately for titled properties and provide account clients ability to pre-order Copy of Plan for properties that are not yet released, as soon as they are released we will automatically process it for you.

This takes the work out of untitled properties as you can lodge and move on, no need for you to keep track of the title process as we will send it through as soon as it’s available.

Need a Copy of Plan?

Browse, order, and receive your Copy of Plan, as well as a range of other important title information and property certificates, through PSI Global in just a few clicks.

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