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How PSI Global works

PSI Global offers an all-in-one service for Property Information and Land Titles

We manage the entire process to gather all of the property service information for you, to give you more time to focus on what you do best!

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Step 1
Find your property address

Simply enter your address to perform a quick search to see what information is available.
Are you already a PSI Global member? You can login and start a new application right away!

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Step 2
Choose the products you want to order

At a glance, you can instantly see what information is available, so you can pick and choose the products you’d like us to get for you. The most common are listed at the top of the ordering screen, but all available products are shown.
If you order the same product on a regular basis, you can even set up default requests, saving you even more valuable time!

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Step 3
We start working!

Your work is done - now, it’s over to us, and our information search begins.
From the moment you apply, we start searching for and collating your Land and Property Information. We start with the Land Title, and if that’s available, everything else you’ve requested is ordered, too.
Some responses take longer than others, and we follow up daily with any late responses.

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Step 4
Receive your land and property information package

Look out for your Property Information package via email. We can even send all requested documentation and information directly to your architect or building surveyor, if you’d like.
If you have a PSI Global account, you can choose to receive Property Information piece-by-piece, as soon as each product is sourced. Get in touch with us about setting up an account!

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Land and Property information services

Waiting for the Land Title can cause delays to a build. We can’t control the length of time it takes Land Use Victoria (formerly the Titles Office) to issue a Land Title for a piece of land - but what we can do it let you know immediately once it’s issued.

We’ve created software that connects directly to the title search system. It automatically fetches your title the second it is available. This automates the process so that as soon as a title is created, you’re notified via email.

We’ve built strong relationships with councils and authorities and actively develop systems and processes with them. This means we get the information you need fast!

We’re also constantly working with authorities to make improvements to better enhance our system and procedures, making the process of obtaining Property Information and Land Titles even easier!

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