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Building Envelope

A building envelope is a restriction on the property that only allows you to build/construct within designated parts of the land.

This is generally depicted in a diagram with the land shown as a whole and then the part of the land that is allowed to be built on shaded and the area that is not is left blank. It will also provide the setbacks for the area not permitted to be built on.

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Where can you obtain Building Envelope from?

The building envelope plan can be provided in different locations depending on the job. Not all properties have a building envelope but if there is a Building Envelope affecting your property the diagram will generally be within the Copy of Plan document or within an MCP referenced on the copy of Plan. In some cases we will need to order a separate document to obtain the Building envelope diagram, if you want us to check for this please just send our PSI team a message in the portal or Contact Us.

What insight will the building envelope provide?

For people looking to build this will help you decide where on your property you can construct your property.

For extensions this will show you which part of the house can be extended and how large the extensions can be.

If you are looking to purchase land this will assist in showing you what you can potentially do with the land and what area you are restricted to for works.

Who needs the Building Envelope?

Anyone looking to build, renovate, develop will need a copy of the building envelope to ensure all aspects of the build remain within the approved area. This document is required by the building surveyor to issue the building permit.

Need a Building Envelope?

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