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BAL Desktop Report Victoria

Are you in a bushfire prone area? This report helps you make safe construction decisions

A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Report outlines the specific level of risk to properties in areas that are prone to bushfires.

If you are building or renovating, and know your property is at risk, the information in this report may help you make safe decisions for your construction.

This detailed report assesses not only your property, but the surrounding land to provide you with a comprehensive risk analysis.

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What is a Bushfire Attack Level Report?

A Bushfire Attack Level Report is a detailed assessment of the risk of bushfire to your property.

It includes analysis of the vegetation within 100m in all directions of your property, as well as measurement of the slope of land and any additional notes.

You will be given an overall BAL rating signed by the assessor. There are six levels of bushfire attack, from Low, which indicates minor requirements, to FZ, which highlights direct exposure to flames as well as ember attack.

This information may inform the construction and positioning of your build, as well as clearing of vegetation to ensure the safety of your current or future property.

What insight does a Bushfire Attack Level Assessment Report provide?

This report may include information on:

The class of your building work Relevant fire danger index Detailed vegetation classification ranging 100m from your property in all directions The effective slope of land under the classified vegetation A numerical Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Contact details for further information Additional notes such as council policy for the maintenance of surrounding bushland

Who might need it?

If the property that you plan to build on is in a bushfire prone area you may need a Bushfire Attack Level Report to find out further details on your level of risk.

Whether you are constructing a new build, or renovating an existing dwelling, this report will give you information to help make safe and informed decisions.

Why choose PSI Global for Bushfire Attack Level Reports?

PSI Global can help you quickly and easily obtain a Bushfire Attack Level Report through our online portal.

With just one account you can access a range of Property Information Reports issued by council and assessment agencies.

PSI Global is committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction and will follow up any issues on your behalf, saving you time and stress!

Need a Bushfire Assessment Report?

Obtain your Bushfire Attack Level Report, as well as a range of other important property certificates through PSI Global in just a few simple steps.

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