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Fairhaven sped up its service delivery with the help of PSI

Fairhaven were growing rapidly and needed to become more efficient

Around 7 years ago Fairhaven Homes went through a phase of rapid growth, and they were struggling to do all their property information applications themselves. A new employee from another big builder came on board and recommended they try the company her former employer used to source their property information. This company was PSI Global. Fairhaven then decided to try PSI out and have never looked back.

Growth spurt meant growing difficulty getting property services information in time

Fairhaven had always been able to manage the process of applying for property information by doing it themselves but it became harder to get this information fast, as their business grew.

The process of applying to numerous authorities and waiting for them to respond was becoming too time consuming.

They knew that speed to market was crucial to remaining competitive in the building industry so they set about finding a solution.

They explored hiring a new part-time staff member, whose sole duty would be to look after the process of sourcing property information. But they quickly realised that this would be expensive and wouldn’t solve the problem of getting the information as soon as it was released. A part-timer would only be able to follow up on the days they were in the office.

When we needed a tailored solution they worked with us to come up with a range of options, they’re always willing to go above and beyond with their services

Melissa Hennebery  |  Workflow Team Leader

PSI valued added through knowledge,
experience and existing relationships

When a new employee in customer service told them that her former employer – a major residential builder – used PSI to source their property services information, Fairhaven decided to try them out.

PSI made an appointment to speak to Fairhaven’s Director to explain how the service worked and worked out a package to suit Fairhaven’s needs.

‘We were won over by the fact that it was an instant update whereas a part-timer couldn’t follow up the information on all days. It was vital that we could access the info as quickly as possible. Also PSI have great relationships with authorities that we don’t have,’ Melissa says.

Melissa explains that PSI has been very proactive in their relationship with Fairhaven. When the company was working in a flood-prone area, PSI recommended they also look at adding storm and flooding-related reports to their order.

Melissa found that PSI were willing to improve their current service offering to see how they can add more value. “When we needed a tailored solution they worked with us to come up with a range of options, they’re always willing to go above and beyond with their services,’ she says.

PSI Thanks Illustration

Thanks to PSI, Fairhaven moves their clients through the building process faster than many other builders

As a result of Fairhaven’s ongoing relationship with PSI, Fairhaven has noticed that they’re able to obtain access to properties earlier than some other builders. PSI are able to get property services information to them fast. And when this is combined with Fairhaven’s robust internal processes, their customers are able to move in their dream homes faster.

Being the first builder on site is a big win because they can start selling faster. Since working with PSI we’ve been able to get on site faster than some others.

‘Clients will always notice in a housing estate development when other builders are able to start before them and ask their builder why. So they’re very pleased when their house in the first one to start being built in the street,’ says Melissa.

They’ve been able to save money by not having to employ extra staff and save time by not chasing up documents with numerous authorities.

Working with PSI has meant they’ve been able to focus their resources, time and energy into growing their business exponentially.

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